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BA13 Airtight (Class4)

Access panel BA13 (12,5 mm) Revi-Clap Airtight and dust-proof (Class 4). Core range.

  • Access panel Revi-Clap BA13 Airtight - FALSE CEILING
  • Access panel Revi-Clap BA13 Airtight - PLASTERBOARD WALL SYSTEMS


General features:

Product composition:

  • Access panel with concealed aluminium frame and waterproof plasterboard BA13 (thickness 12,5 mm), BA15 (15 mm), BA18 (18 mm) ; BA25 / 2xBA13 (25 mm), BA30/ 2xBA15 (30 mm) - according to the model.
  • It incorporates seal with flames retardator which allows more air tightness and dust
  • System integrated safety catch;
  • Easy open: spring system "clic-clap";
  • Full access with removable door;
  • Permanent stock of a wide range of standard sizes;
  • Any measure upon request;


System Standard Measures (mm)
Central semi-open 250x250; 300x300; 400x400; 500x500; 600x600; 400x600
Side Semi-open 700x700; 800x800; 1000x1000; 1200x1200; 600x1000; 400x1200; 500x600; 500x800; 500x1000; 600x800; 600x1200.

* Other measures upon request.

Laboratory tested according to european standards:

Airtightness and dust tightness - Rate: Hermetic = class 4 (best rating in the standard)

BA25 and BA30 = Sound Insulation = 32 dB