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    Ideal para ocultar quadros de electricidade, canalizações, sistemas de ventilação
    ...criando espaços acessíveis e de fácil acesso.

Who are we?

Revi-Clap® MANUFACTURES and sells ACCESS PANELS / TRAPDOORS for the plasterboard construction since 1998.

Here you can find all kind of access panels for your building, from the simplest and economical to the most technically demanding.

All types of trapdoors / access panels for your work, from the simplest and most common and economical - SimpleClap - to the most complete and technical - Revi-Clap®.


 Access panels for application in false ceilings and drywall partitions or others, such as mansory.

Here you will find all kind of solutions, in various standard sizes and can me manufactured in other sizes upon request, with short deadlines.

Revi-Clap® as a wide range of trapdoors for various levels opf Fire Resistance ans Acoustic Insulation.

All these trapdoors are tested in the Laboratory according to European Standards and have Tests and Classification Certificates.

In the fire rate trapdoors you can find trapdoord with tilting opening, with click or key, or door type, for technical access.

Accoustic trapdoors are also air-tight and doost proof and may have combined, or not, fire resistance rate.

In 2021 we expanded the range we offer customers with white lacquered metal hatches / access panels.


These access panels have 2 opening options:

  • with click  (press and open/close)
  • with lock + square key.



Características Técnicas


Easy application on all type of structures.


Easy to access and maintain.

Raw material

Very strict raw material selection taking into account its quality, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and durability.


Almost invisible and with perfect finishes.

Trust and Diversity

Just one manufacturer / supplier and all the solutions for your work!

Other measures upon request and customized projects through our Technical Department avaliable to our customers.