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About us

The company Domingos Diniz & Filhos, Lda began in 1998 and it was a pioneer in the Iberian Peninsula in the manufacture of Trap-doors / Access Panels Revi-Clap ® for application in plasterboard /drywall systems: false ceilings and wall partitions.

Domingos Diniz & Filhos, Lda

In a short time, we entered the french market, being the first building reference, with 735 trap-doors in BA18 (thickness 18 mm), the «École Normale Supérieure des Lettres et Sciences Humaines» in Lyon, of the prestigious Architects Henri and Bruno Gaudin. Quickly our products were recognized at European market through the quality of our products and services.

We start our activity with 800 m2 but quickly the increase of factory space was imperative to unroll our constant research into new products, technical methods and manufacture.

 Our range of access panels has increased and we are now one of the manufacturers with the most diversified range of products.

At Revi-Clap. you will find from the simplest trapdoor to the most technically demanding - acoustics, airtightness, fire resistance and others.

We have decades of know-how that allow us to create all kind of sollutions for your building.

REVI-CLAP - Access Panel
Who copies... never do the same!



A Revi-Clap® has constructive solutions for ceiling and wall systems of plasterboard.
The products produced and marketed by Revi-clap ® are composed of 3 groups:

Trap doors / Access Panels Revi-Clap®

Acces Panels Revi-clap ® are designed to allow access and maintenance of systems hidden in ceilings and walls of plasterboard, such as plumbing, electrical systems, ventilation / air conditioning, and others.

In addition to an easy application and manipulation, as are almost imperceptible allow greater aesthetic quality.
Trap doors Revi-clap ® have an unbeatable value for money and recognized in national and international market.

Structural Profiles Revi-Clap®

Structural profiles in galvanized steel for installation of false ceilings and walls in plasterboard.

Profiles manufactured in accordance with the standard 14195 and raw materials of certified quality, allowing an adequate mechanical strength, anti-corrosion, durability and confidence in the product.

Possibility of working on measures up to 6 meters (upon request).

Accessories Revi-Clap®

The Revi-clap ® offers a wide range of accessories for gypsum systems, such as accessories for suspension, amendments, setting, etc.

In the selection of raw materials we take into account its quality, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.