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SimpleClap BA13 brush seal

SIMPLE and ECONOMIC access panel / trapdoor! For installation in 12,5 mm (BA13) plasterboard systems. With incorporated brush seal.

General characteristics:


  • Aluminium profiles with 1,60 mm thickness, with thermal treatment T5 and alloy AIMg0,7Si-6063 (EN 573 and EN 755).
  • 12,5 mm waterproof plasterboard (type H1, according EN 520), glued.
  • Reinforcement brackets 1 mm thickness, in galvanized steel quality DX51 D, with anti-corrosion treatment Z-200 (EN 10346).
  • Stainless steel springs.
  • This access panel as a brush seal that allows air, light and dust tightness
  • Semi-open support system to prevent the trapdoor from opening suddenly.
  • Easy opening / closing: "click-clap" system (to push & to release).**



  • The same model is used for installation in two buildings situations: False ceilings and wall partitions *** (tilting type, upward springs) in BA13. *** Verticar applications until 600x600 mm. For other sizes upon request.
  • This access panel has an automathic self-centering due to the compensation of the game provided, which is very useful in terms of aesthetics, function and durability.
  • Standard dimensions in permanent stock. It is possible to manufacture other dimensions on request.
  • It is possible to completely remove the door for registers.


Standard dimensions:

  • 200x200; 250x250;300x300;400x400;500x500 e 600x600 (mm)
  • Other dimensions upon request.