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Door - BA13 , for vertical application (plasterboard walls or others).
Access Panel more SIMPLE and ECONOMICAL!
SIMPLE and ECONOMIC access panel / trapdoor! For installation in 12,5 mm (BA13) plasterboard systems.
Access panel BA13 (12,5 mm) Revi-Clap Airtight and dust-proof (Class 4). Core range.
Motorized access panel to false ceilings to apply video projector or others.
Round access panel for false ceilings and plasterboard partitions (or others) designed to respond to new architectura
Square trapdorr with built-in  LED. Dual functionality: access and lighting.
Access panel to false ceilings in plasterboard - thickness: 12,5 mm (or others, upon request).
We have Revi-clap Inspection doors:
All our access panels can be manufactured according to the characteristics os your building or accordind to the custo